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Here is the first image and data of this cluster showing the location, benthic habitat type, geomorphological structure, and seafloor terrain characteristics (i.e., bathymetry, slope, and rugosity). In addition, the two bottom panes show maps of the location of the image in reference to fine-scale bathymetric data and a depth profile showing the location to overall bathymetry.

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Depth 124.12
Distance 0.00
Latitude 18.23779
Longitude -67.39383
Time Stamp 9:01:36 AM
Rugosity 1.00
Structure Drowned Algal Plain
Zone Bank Slope
Slope 5.25
Backscatter 27.55
Bio Cover TypePercent Cover
Live hard coral (Stony Corals, Hydrocorals)Absent (0%)
Live soft coral (Gorgonians, Black Coral)Rare (1%-10%)
SpongeRare (1%-10%)
SeagrassAbsent (0%)
MacroalgaeRare (1%-10%)
Coralline algaeRare (1%-10%)
Turf/Filamentous algaePatchy (51%-90%)
Sessile cnidarians, segmented worms and crinoidsAbsent (0%)
Uncolonized SubstrateRare (1%-10%)
UnknownAbsent (0%)
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