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A Multidisciplinary, Integrative Approach to Valuing Ecosystem Services from Natural Infrastructure

Author(s): Dundas, Stephen J.; Michael A. Banks


Name of Publisher: Cooperative Institute for Marine Resources Studies (CIMRS)

Place of Publication: Newport, OR

Publication Type: Abstract

Date of Publication: 2015

Reference Information: CSCOR Socioeconomics/Cooperative Institute Project

Extent of Work: 1 p.

Keywords: environmental valuation; ecosystem services; natural infrastructure; social science; Pacific Northwest; CIMRS

Abstract: The project focus is to value ecosystem services resulting from natural infrastructure investments in coastal environments. Three tracks of work are proposed to leverage existing hazard risks along the U.S. Pacific Northwest Coast as means to assign a dollar value to these ecosystem services. Three applied methodologies at the frontier of ecosystem service valuation (revealed preference hedonic modeling, a stated preference choice experiment, and dynamic bio-economic modeling) will be used to generate estimates leading to an understanding of the potential ancillary benefits related to natural infrastructure designed for coastline stabilization. Development of these models will benefit from the collaboration of the economists, engineers, geomorphologists, and ecologists on the assembled research team and the vast resources in coastal and marine research available at Oregon State University and its affiliations with NOAA,U.S. Anny Corps of Engineers, the State of Oregon, and numerous local stakeholders.

Availability: Available from NCCOS Publications Explorer and from the publisher.

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