Nutrient and Coliform Loading


Nutrient and Coliform Loading

EutrophicationThis is a database of available fecal coliform bacteria, fecal streptococci bacteria, and nutrient loading data. Loading for contaminants other than fecal coliform bacteria and nutrients are included when values occurred coincidentally within the same literature.

This website can be used to quickly identify available measures of loading from different landuses (bacteria and nutrients) and animals (bacteria only).

Increasing coastal development causes higher levels of both contaminant types to enter estuaries and affects water quality including both harvestability of shellfish as well as recreational uses.


We do not imply that this is a comprehensive database. We intend to expand the data as new sources are identified. Please contact us if you find errors in the data provided. Reasonable effort was made to accurately describe source data, and all values were reviewed by teams of scientists.

However, users are cautioned that some methods were not adequately described in the source reference. All users are advised to consult the original reference before using the data.