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Datasets on Benthic Species Abundances

photoThe National Benthic Inventory consists of a dynamic quantitative database on benthic species abundances, by taxon and location, obtained from studies conducted by NOAA and partnering institutions in estuarine and other coastal-ocean areas around the country. Data are available for view or download as individual studies or data grouped by project. Additionally, the database may be searched using a simple taxa query or a more advanced query.

A full list of taxa contained within the NBI is available here. All taxa within the NBI have been assigned a Taxonomic Serial Number (TSN) from the Integrated Taxonomic Information System. Clicking on a taxon’s TSN, while navigating the NBI, will link to a page detailing the taxon’s taxonomic hierarchy.

The broad scope of the NBI provides a unique basis for monitoring the incidence and patterns of non-indigenous aquatic species (NAS) in marine and coastal waters. Potential non-indigenous aquatic species (NAS) contained within the NBI are flagged and mapped to the USGS/SERC Non-indigenous Species Database (NISBase).

NISBase is an online distributed network of databases providing information on NAS occurrences around the world.

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