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Kachemak Bay Sea Surface Temperature

Sea Surface Temperature Vibrio Tools

Sea Surface Temperature (SST) is a major driver of Vibrio growth. In general, once water temperatures exceed 15°C, or 59°F growth will occur, with faster replication at higher temperatures. Because of the strong dependence on temperature for growth, SST is used in some cases to trigger harvest restrictions.

These Vibrio predictive products provide the most recent SST NCOM model guidance out to 4 days for early warning of potential coastal hazards in Alaska. Both 3 hourly and 24 hour maximum SST guidance are available.

Select an area on the map, or click one of the corresponding area links below, to view the most recent NCOM SST model guidance. Or see a full view of Alaska NCOM Model SST here.

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As a work in progress, current Vibrio models displayed here are considered experimental products, and thus NOAA will not be held liable from issues arising from their interpretation and use.