Main Hawaiian Islands 2003


2003 Benthic Habitats of the Main Hawaiian Islands – Interim Product (PDF, 26MB)

Data and Maps

Benthic Habitat Maps

2003 Benthic Habitat Maps - Printable PDF area maps for download.

Accuracy Assessment Points

Each downloadable archive contains ArcView shape files and meta data of all accuracy assessment points collected for that island.

Aerial Photographs

A database of photographs from Hawaii, US Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico. This can be found at

Ground Validation Points

Ground Control Points

Benthic Habitat Spatial Data and Metadata

The spatial data shape (.shp) files and image mosaics are projected in the Universal Transverse Mercator System (UTM Zone 5 for the island of Hawaii and UTM Zone 4 for for all other islands, NAD83, meters). As a result, to overlay these files in ArcView®, the user needs to set the Projection parameters in the View Properties dialog box to 'UTM Zone 5' or 'UTM Zone 4'.

Flightline Image Mosaics

The following are georeferenced Mr. Sid images ( - merged with in 2018) created from orthorectified geoTIFFs. The zipped files contain the imagery (.sdw and .sid) and the associated metadata file (.met). Imagery for a given flightline may contain either aerial photo or hyperspectral imagery. A flightline containing hyperspectral imagery will have two separate image files representing a subset of 6 bands from the 72 original bands collected. File naming convention is as follows 'flightline number-date(s) acquired-hyperspectral or airphoto imagery'. Hyperspectral flightline files will end in either 272217 or 332211 representing the band number in the respective file. Band numbers equate to the following spectral wavelength in nanometers: 27-605.51991, 22- 556.918030, 17- 508.319000, 33- 663.835022, and 11- 450.001007. These approximate true-color band combinations were chosen to highlight shallow (272217) and deep (332211) water benthic features.